Our work on gold nanoparticle synthesis is now published in Chem. Mater.

Our work on iridium nanoparticle formation is now published in JACS.


Starting a new adventure at Biochemical and Chemical Engineering,
Aarhus, Denmark.


Feruary 2023


January 2023



September 2022



August 2022

Our work from in collaboration with Uni. Copenhagen, DK, and in particular the group of Kirsten M. Ø. Jensen is now available in Chem. Mater. This work was also made in collaboration with the groups of Profs Søren B. Simonsen (DK), Matthew S. Johnson (DK), and support from MaxIV synchrotron (SE).

The PhD work from Jette K. Mathiesen supervised by Kirsten M. Ø. Jensen, Uni. Copenhagen, DK, is now available in JACS. This work was also made in collaboration with the groups of Profs Matthias Arenz (CH), Methap Oezaslan (DE), Jan Rossmeisl (DK) and support from Argonne National Lab (USA).

The PhD work from Vladislav Mints supervised by Prof Matthias Arenz, Uni. Bern, Switzerland, CH, is now available in ACS Catalysis. This work was also made in collaboration with the work of Profs Jan Rossmeisl (DK) and Kirsten M. Ø. Jensen (DK). 

A short review on Osmium nanoparticles is now available on Open Research Europe.

Team members

February 2023

September 2022

Ditte Røjkjær Rasmussen will join the group for her BSc project at AU.

5 Bachelor students joined the group for 7 weeks for their CHEMTECH-II projects. Working on gold nanoparticles.
Welcome to Christoffer, Jens Jacob, Simon, Ditte and Malthe.

Conferences - Where to meet us






Sharing thoughts and experience at KU (Univeristy of Copenhagen, Denmark) Postdoc Day

Seminar at CINBIO at Uni Vigo, Spain.

Faraday Discussion, Nanoalloys: recent developments and future perspectives, on line attendance

Seminar at SDU, Sønderborg, Denmark

Attenting the Power-2-X symposium, Aarhus, Denmark



The AUFF-NOVA is supporting us with 300 000 DKK. Thank you.